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08 Jun 2011

Have you ever meet a shemale dom who wants to tie you up to the cage and suck your cock? No, she won’t let you cum just yet! All she wants is an easy way to your tight ass! Sly shemale Dominatrix knows straight men have very tight asses. And she’s all after yours!

Your shemale Mistress unties you from your bondage as you were about to cum. She bends you over and rubs her large fat shemale dick all over your ass.

Right before horny shemale dom presses her large schlong between your legs she grabs your hair. She wants you to scream like a girl when a fat shemale cock spreads your ass cheeks nearly splitting your ass in half.

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Soon you feel her cock pulsating so hard inside of you and shemale Mistress begins to masturbate your own dick as fast as she can. As you scream in orgasm you feel a warm explosion deep inside your fuck tunnel. Looks like she’s got what she wanted!

Check out this movie to see shemale fuck a guy just like you and cum so hard her fat shemale cock is pushed out of his throbbing asshole.

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Nobody Can Beat Mistress Claire Adams In Lezdom! Just See This

15 Nov 2010

When I weekly check for updates from Whipped Ass and see a picture like this (see below), I immediately know who was the Mistress in this lesbian bondage set. Only Claire Adams is able to turn any slave woman into such pain loving slut. She is perfect lesbian BDSM machine, totally merciless and strikingly cold-hearted.

I’m sure as hell other Mistresses have a shortage of clothespins, because only dominatrix Claire can use so many of them on just one lesbian pain slave slut. Watch her stuff her slave asshole and vagina with kinky crystal balls, which make her slut scream and shiver when Claire squashes her pussy under her powerful boot.

Guess who stole all clothespins for this lesbian bdsm set?

Poor Girl, I’d Think Twice Before I’d Agree To Become Claire’s Pain Slut

Definitely check out this update, and if you didn’t yet grab a membership, then I pity you! Be sure you’re missing so much physical and psychological bondage in just one lezdom set is really, really sad indeed.

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Have You Seen Lesbian Electro Strapon Sex? Here’s Your Chance!

09 Nov 2010

Oh my! Did you watch the movie “Bird on a wire”? Today you’re about to see another movie, “Pussy on a Wire”! There’s nothing like watching lezdom slut get tied, beaten and electrocuted so hard she cums all over the room. Yes, this slave squirts even harder than me! It was amazing stuff to watch.

Even though I never had my holes stuffed with so much electricity, so who knows, maybe one day… Anyway, get ready for tits, pussy and ass electro torture in quite uncomfortable BDSM positions, such as tight strappado and more. For the dessert, enjoy the sight of a lesbian slave fucked with nasty looking electro strapon.

Take my word on this, it’s totally worth signing up just to watch this electric lesbian strapon scene! It all ends up with fisting in bondage, where slave squirts and cums, screaming so loud it could rupture your eardrums if you were present in that dungeon!

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You’re In For Wicked Lesbian Strap-on Sex And Endless Forced Electro Orgasms

01 Nov 2010

When on your quest for lezdom with heavy strapon action and forced orgasms with electro play, look no further than Wired Pussy! I tell you why. This is the ultimate site to watch bound girls suffer in continious electro orgasms. When they come one after another it gets painful, and take my word on this, I went through this kind of punishment with my lezdom Dominatrix before.

Nothing like to watch girl’s body struggle against the current. You see her soft flesh resist, her pussy throb and pulsate, her ass shrink and enlarge under brutal electric shock. Some women didn’t know they are so leaky and scream when their pussies spurt as they squirt!

And when you top that with nasty rope bondage, kinky restraining devices and relentless lesbian Mistresses, who hone their strapons, you get the killer lesbian BDSM site. If you’re not a member yet, then you miss so much bondage fun it’s disheartening. Check Wired Pussy out now!

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Take a Look at These Dominant Shemales in BDSM Action and See if Your Cock is Bigger!

29 Mar 2010

Somehow I missed that TS Seduction got a new addition to their gorgeous shemale doms. Some I like less, some more, but this new shemale bondage mistress, Yasmin Lee, got both fat shemale dick and attitude.

She likes to compare dicks with guys, and guess who wins the local size contest all the time, and is forced to suck cock and lick big hanging balls of a dominant shemale?

Dare to try? Pull your cock out and stroke it, till it grows to the maximim. Then watch this evil shemale bondage movie by clicking here. Search for shemale mistresses Yasmin Lee, Natassia Dream & Lobo as their bdsm sub. I am sure you’ll be all bothered and ready to explode within minutes.

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